Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My First Redemption at Bubblews

Well after 12 days of being on Bubblews I hit the redemption button for the first time.  (You can hit the buton once you reach $25.  I am excited.  This is definitely the fastest online money making site that I've written for (and the most fun!).   Ready to give it a try?  Just go here.  Wondering what I get out of referring you?  Not all that much actually ($.20 after you post your first post) but...I can help mentor you or answer any questions you have.

These are my top five posts at Bubblews right now.
1. Some of My Online Experiences Making Money
2.  Dislikes and the Archives
3. The World of Online Writing and Bubblews
4. Fun With the Fam
5. Another Light bulb Moment

The ones below got bumped down...
  Mobile Hot Spot
  Option to Email

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