Thursday, July 25, 2013

Before You Write Your First Post at Bubbajuju

If you haven't read my first post on Bubbajuju you might want to check it out here.

By the way, I like calling it "juju" or "bubba" for short. : )  You can see where the name originated in my post mentioned above. I like the meaning behind it.


If you haven't signed up yet you can go here.  This is not a referral.

There will be a learning curve.  This applies to every writing platform though right?

If you are coming from Bubblews this is a Whole.  Lot.  Different.  It is like having your own site but not having to necessarily do ALL the leg work to get it up and running with built in SEO.  You'll still have to do some learning of course.  I did and will still be learning.  That's part of the beauty of writing online right?

Over at Bubblews people were starting to take advantage of the fact that you can just write a 400 character nothing post, have enough connections to get views and watch the money roll in. The problem there is partly that the site is WAY too easy to post crap on. This is a dream come true for a spammer or someone that is trying to cheat the system.  In my opinion it is probably those guys that are ruining the site. (ok that and the fact that the CEO needs better communication and business skills) but I digress...

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "content is king."  Well...Content Is King!  You want to own each post that you make "like a boss" (couldn't help myself).

Get Yourself Acquainted With the TOS and Check out the Forums

As with any online writing site you'll want to make sure you know the terms of service.  These are  pretty straightforward but you'll want to go check them out.

Also go check out the forums.  I love a site with forums.  This site has a getting started forum, and a help forum among many others.  Browse.  Don't spend too much time there yet.  (Unless you want to.)

I know you're wondering...How do we get paid?  On "juju" you get 70% of the adsense revenue generated for YOUR post.  You can also use your affiliate links from places like Amazon, Ebay, Zazzle...etc at 100% of your affiliate income.  See the screen shot below from the "join us" page on the "juju" site.

Ways to Earn at Bubbajuju
How You Get Paid at Bubbajuju
Here's a freebie:  If you are blogging or writing somewhere online and have a long quote that you want to use from a site on the internet it is better to do a screen shot of that quote than to copy and paste the words.  Why?  Some sites, probably even Google, might think you are plagiarizing even if you have quotation marks and site your online source.  Robots aren't perfect.  Take my word for it.

Did I own my first post at "juju?"   I was just trying to figure out how to post.  Dwayne ("juju" creator) liked it. : )  For a first post I think I did just fine!

Did you miss my first post on "Juju" It was titled Bubbajuju is Going to Become the Next Great Online Writing Site

Are you finding that it is a little more of a process to get started at Bubbajuju than at Bubblews for example?  I like that and here's why.  I think that it will help weed out the junk, the spammers, the ones that we don't really want spoiling a good thing. Those are my two cents anyway.


  1. I think it will weed out the spammers too. I'm excited to get started. Still waiting on that email lol. I'm going to use the contact form if I don't hear from them by tomorrow.

    1. Sounds good Evan. I'll shoot him an email too. I think he's dealing with a lot of new apps right now.


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