Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bubblews Review - Will This Site Last?

I have pulled back a little bit from Bubblews.  I have now been a site contributor 16 days and reached payout on day 12.  Four days later (3 business days) I received notification in my paypal account that I had a payment pending.  I pulled back from contributing because of the way they handled a situation recently.  It left a bad taste in my mouth.  I'm kinda hoping I'll get over it.

The site is still young and while it has plenty of positive things going for it, it does have a few negatives.

The company seems to be going through some "learn as you go things" which can be pretty confusing for site contributers.

There are a lot of people who have either never been paid or have one or more redemptions pending.   Yet a lot of these people are still posting.  Interesting right?

Take for example Bepearsonable, a site contributer since the end of May 2013.  She has 198 articles posted but here is bepearsonable's Redemption history with Bubblews.  For some reason though she still loves Bubblews. 

Redemption History:
+June-14th-$25.23 (Unpaid)
+June-16th-$25.02 (Unpaid)
+June-18th-$26.25 (Paid)
+June-26th-$122.00 (Unpaid)
+July-1st-$63.11 (Unpaid)
+July-6th-$26.22 (Unpaid)
+July-17th-$25.74 (Unpaid)

You can see that she has several unpaid redemptions. This is not an uncommon thing.  Today (7/20/13) she was paid for two of the above.  Which two? She doesn't know.

Bubblews is a site that is growing too fast for its own good.  I love the whole idea around it but because it is growing so fast things are falling through the cracks.  Communication is the biggest problem there.  I really hope this site does well.  Time will tell.

What do you think?  Will Bubblews last?


  1. Yeah, I joined that site a few days ago and I'm going to post until I reach my 25 dollars and then just wait and see if I get paid. I'm amazed at all the inane drivel found on that site and how some people are claiming to be making loads of money from 80 to 100 word posts full of grammatical errors and poor sentence structure.
    You're right, it is growing too fast. I figure that since everybody and their grandma is doing it now, the advert revenue they share with their members will most likely go down in the future. Only time will tell...
    So you've had one payout and actually got paid?
    If so, what made you not want to write there?

    1. Hi. Sorry for the late response. I did get paid and on time. I got irritated because they decided that they didn't want people to use html in their posts and without warning deleted those posts. It didn't happen to me because I hadn't used html but I thought it was pretty shady. Their ball. Their rules. I got over it and started writing there again.


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