Monday, July 22, 2013

I Know How Much Traffic Your Blog is Getting!

I know how much traffic your blog is getting. Do you?

On the sites that I write for there is a real benefit to getting to know some of the other writers. You participate in forums and Facebook groups, comment on each other's work and really get to know people in some cases.

When I see that someone has a blog outside of the site that we both are writing for I will often make a visit.  I like to see what they're blogging about and I always check to see what their Alexa rank is.

I know what you're thinking.  What the heck is Alexa?  Alexa is an Amazon company based out of California which provides valuable traffic data and global rankings for your site.  It gets over 10 million visitors per month.  Boy to have that kind of traffic...

Think of Alexa as the glasses you need to see how your site is performing among the vast sea of other sites out there.

To "get your glasses on"...or find out how your website ranks go take a visit at Alexa.   Now type in or copy and paste your website/ blog into the search.  Once you do this click on your site.  This will bring you to your stats page, telling you how popular your site is.

Now when it comes to your Alexa rank the smaller the number the better.  To give you an idea Facebook, Google and youtube are ranked #1, 2 and 3 respectively.

If you have any rank at all congratulations!  You're doing something right.  If your site has a rank about 5 million I can help you get that down quickly.  If your site has no rank don't worry you can usually get it down within a  couple of days.  I'll tell you how to bring your rank down in my next post.

Have you wondered what page your particular post comes up on google?
Check out this free tool: a page ranking checker. 

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