Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Make Money with Squidoo

I just started to Make Money with Squidoo.  It is my newest money making adventure. It is a fun way to make money online.  It is not fast but nothing (as far as I know) is fast when it concerns making money online.  What I like about squidoo is that you write an article (or lens as it is called on squidoo) and you can earn money on that lens month after month after month kind of like ehow used to be.  I also like that it is free to write for squidoo.  You don't need to buy in to any system or buy any manual.  All you do is sign up and start writing about what you know.  Recipes, running, vacations, parenting, job hunting, how to articles...The ideas are infinite.

Here are some of my lenses (articles) that I have created on Squidoo:

Teaching Spanish to Preschoolers

Easy Kid Friendly Recipes for Dinner

Traveling in Spain

Classroom Management Strategies

Spanish CSET

How to get cheap diapers

The 10k Challenge

My Big Dream: Move to Spain

Avon Business Review

Alameda, CA

Activities for Kids in the Bay Area

Back to School Savings

Spanish 1 Grammar

Everything Basketball

Ground Beef Recipes

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