Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Kontera Experiement

Overall thumbs up!!  October 11, 2011 I got my first payment from Kontera, $62.36.  The funny thing is that it was my year's anniversary since starting with Kontera.  Here is the breakdown for each month since I started.

$1.30 Oct 2010
$1.67 Nov 2010
$1.05 Dec 2010
$1.77 Jan 2011
$9.40 Feb 2011
$3.57 Mar 2011
$2.33 April 2011
$7.19 May 2011
$6.95 June 2011
$10.11 July 2011
$17.02 Aug 2011
$19.23 Sept 2011
$17.11 Oct 2011

As you can see the amounts in the beginning were rather dismal but the last few months have been pretty decent.  Not bad for hardly doing anything.  The only thing I did was sign up and place the widget in my blog.  It looks like it has really started to take off.  It took 12 months to reach my first payout but I project that I'll only need one more month to reach payout for the second time.  That's only 3 months.  Not bad.  I was happy making that amount when I was with Ehow (RIP). 

Want to learn more?  Just go here.

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