Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Image representing Squidoo as depicted in Crun...I have recently started writing for squidoo.
I am using it to drive some traffic to my blog, ehow articles and hopefully even make some money while I'm at it.
These are lenses, as squidoo calls them, that I have created so far:
Teaching Spanish to preschoolers
Teaching Spanish to Preschoolers can be a lot of fun. Use this site to find creative way to teach kids Spanish. Teach preschoolers Spanish with music, through play, by reading stories and through quality videos. Most of all make teaching Spanish to preschoolers fun.

Classroom Management Strategies
This site has some great information on classroom management techniques for both the rookie and veteran teacher. It talks about setting up specific and clear rules,consequences, procedures. It also deals with attention getters other than your own voice when transitioning between activities.

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