Wednesday, October 27, 2010

List my five update

I posted my first live list October 25, 2010. After being on list my five for 3 days I have already made a .02.  I know that it sounds like nothing but I remember my first days on ehow and how it took at least a few weeks before an article earned anything. It definitely gave me enough motivation to write another.  I now have 3 active lists with 263 views. I'm guessing that it has something to do with the twitter club where we tweet our lists and include #lm5 in the tweet.  Was that you who started that bestmommy?

How are you doing with list my five?


  1. Hi Elaine,
    I might have been the first one to suggest it, but it was the enthusiasm and dedication of the larger group and our combined efforts that are making a difference. It is an honor to be mentioned on your blog! Looks like I'm your first follower--going to tweet this for you!

  2. List My 5 has so much potential. I love the site already, but I think it's just going to get better and better. :) I currently have 34 lists, a little over 5,000 views, and a little under $5.00 earned. I am trying to consistently write quality content every day. My goal is 100 (good) lists by Jan. 1, 2011. At least! haha I want to keep driving traffic to my lists though and the lists of the other writers on LM5, so beyond writing, every day I am also networking and promoting. Hard work, but it will be worth it if LM5 continues to grow like I think it's going to. Good luck to you! I'm following your blog too. :)
    Peace and Love,

  3. Meagan, I love it too! I'm now at 11 cents! Ha! With 5 lists and 488 views. Thanks for sharing how it is going with you. Thanks for following me!


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